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Eat Right Montana-Action for Healthy Kids works with partner organizations around the state to advocate for policies and legislation that support access to healthy nutrition and physical activity opportunities for everyone. 

2019 Legislative Session

The 2019 legislative session begins on January 7, 2019. There are several draft bills that will affect nutrition and physical activity at all age levels. Below, we highlight the bills that Eat Right Montana supports and opposes and the reason for our decision.  

Bills to Watch

 HB400 requests state funding to support the Double SNAP Dollars program, which provides match dollars to SNAP customers who spend their benefits at participating farmers markets. This bill is a win for Montana families and farmers!

Help us urge YES votes on HB400.


HB378 requires SNAP participants to participate in a workfare program, unless they are working or exempt. Thousands of parents, workers, people with health issues, and others would be at risk of losing food assistance if they are unable to navigate this system. Additionally, creating a statewide workfare program would be extremely costly for our state, and places unrealistic burden on Montana's non-profits.

Help us urge NO votes on HB378.

Take Action

 Find your Representative's name and contact info using this map - 

 You can call your Representative directly using the phone number provided in the Legislative Roster or call the Capital switchboard and ask to leave a message for your Representative: (406) 444-4800

Sample Letters to Representatives

Files coming soon.