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Media Releases

2008-01 Eat Smart, Play Hard, Rest Well

2008-02 Breakfast Makeover Offers Major Benefits

2008-03 Go Lean and Green for Nutrition Month

2008-04 Balanced Evening Meals

2008-05 Happy, Healthy Days for Montana Mothers

2008-06 Why Real Men Drink More Milk

2008-07 Summer Hikes for Fun & Fitness

2008-08 Back-to-School_Fit, Healthy & Ready to Succeed

2008-09 Back-to-Basics for Smart Nutrition & Fitness

2008-10 Montana Schools Celebrate Gold Medal Performances

2008-11 Diabetes & Holidays-More Enjoyment, Less Stress

2008-12 Made Healthy in Montana-Tasty Food Gifts

2009-01 Resolutions for Healthy Families

2009-02 Save Money, Stay Healthy, Reduce Waste

2009-03 Helping Kids Care About Their Environment

2009-04 Gardening in Big Sky Country-Gardens to CSAs

2009-05 Billings Schools Get Into Green Routine

2009-06 Trails Create Greener, Healthier Communities

2009-07 Active Staycations-Cool Ways to Enjoy Healthy Fun

2009-08 Breastfeeding-Best for Baby, Mom & Planet

2009-09 Farm-to-School Successes Across Montana

2009-10 School Walking Programs Benefit Students & Teachers

2009-11 Thanksgiving Makeovers-Easier, Greener & Healthier

2009-12 Gifts of Food and Nutrition

2010-01 Smart Start on New Year

2010-02 Smart Ways to Be Sweet to Your Heart

2010-03 Gardening with Kids-Nutrition from the Ground-Up

2010-04 Cracking Open Some Myths About Eggs

2010-05 Exploring Fruit with Freeda the Food Detective

2010-06 Rediscover Big Sky Country to Celebrate Fathers Day

2010-07 Hot Summer Cooking Tips from a Grilling Guru

2010-08 Extension Agents Help Women Get Strong

2010-09 Montanas First Lady Promotes Family Mealtimes

2010-10 Safe Routes to School Improve Quality of Life

2010-11 Addressing Holiday Food Insecurity

2010-12 Holiday Foods for Comfort, Joy & Good Health

2011-01 Fit Kids=Happy Kids-Role Models for Children

2011-02 School Breakfast & Academic Success

2011-03 Tasty Ways to Eat Right with Color

2011-04 Garden Grows Plants, Minds & Healthy Bodies

2011-05 WIC Supports Healthy Pregnancies & Fit Kids

2011-06 Summer Food Services Programs

2011-07 Food Safe Families Enjoy More Summer Fun

2011-08 Breastfeeding for Healthy, Well-Nourished Kids

2011-09 Fundraising with Student Health in Mind

2011-12 Eat Right Montana Offers New Online Library of Health Tips