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Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating
Active Lifestyles
Active Lifestyles
Media Releases
Media Releases


December 2011: Eat Right Montana Offers New Online Library of Health Tips

September 2011: Raising Funds for Montana Schools with Student Health in Mind

August 2011: Missoula Promotes Breastfeeding for Healthy, Well-Nourished Kids

July 2011: Food Safe Families Enjoy More Summer Fun

June 2011: School’s Out, Summer Food Service Programs Are In

May 2011: Montana WIC Program Supports Healthy Pregnancies and Fit Kids

April 2011: Nancy’s Garden Grows Plants, Minds, and Healthy Bodies

March 2011: National Nutrition Month 2011®: Tasty Ways to Eat Right with Color

February 2011: School Breakfast: A Morning Kick-Start for Academic Success

January 2011: Fit Kids = Happy Kids: We are all role models for children


December 2010: Savoring Holiday Foods for Comfort, Joy, and Good Health

November 2010: Addressing Holiday Food Insecurity for Our Montana Neighbors

October 2010: Safe Routes to School Improve Quality of Life for Montanans

September 2010: Montana’s First Lady Promotes Family Mealtimes and Conversations

August 2010: Extension Agents Help Women Get Strong for Life’s Heavy Lifting

Putting toppings onto whole grain crusts  
Putting toppings onto
whole grain crusts
Jimi's East Rosebud Special
Jimi's East Rosebud Special
Traditional pepperoni with whole wheat crust  
Traditional pepperoni
with whole wheat crust
Must-Go pizza (pesto, peppers, mushrooms, and onions)
Must-Go pizza
(pesto, peppers, mushrooms, and onions)

July 2010: Hot Summer Cooking Tips from a Grilling Guru

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Citrus Salmon on a bed of sauteed spinach with garlic - served with grilled sweet potatoes (rubbed with olive oil and curry powder) topped with light sour cream and lightly steamed, fresh-from-the-garden peas. East Rosebud Lake, Montana, June 28, 2010.

June 2010: Rediscover Big Sky Country to Celebrate Father’s Day 2010

May 2010: Exploring Fruit with Freeda the Fabulous Food Detective

Freeda the Fabulous Food Detective

Guessing the mystery fruits with Cassie and Ms. Strawberry

Melody reading the Fruit Fly Picnic

April 2010: Cracking Open Some Myths About Eggs

March 2010: Gardening with Kids: Nutrition from the Ground Up

SACC Grows It the Green Way”
Jefferson School SACC (School Age Child Care)
Helena School District #1
Helena, Montana

The circle is the “Three Sisters:  Corn, Green Beans, and Squash” (grown at the Mandan Villages according to the documents and journals by Lewis and Clark)

The flat bed carts are used for mobility and easy care and hold recycled containers to begin gardening.

Flat bed carts hold plants at various stages of growth and development, easily visible for the children.

A raised bed was made in a garden wagon to be able to transport the seeds/starters from sun to shade.

Young children enrolled in the program care for the habitat at Broadwater School in Helena.

February 2010: Smart Ways to Be Sweet to Your Heart

January 2010: Smart Start on a New Year: Resolutions That Really Work


December 2009: Simple Gifts of Food and Nutrition: Good for the Body, Easy on the Budget

November 2009: Simple Thanksgiving Makeovers: Easier, Greener, and Healthier

October 2009: School Walking Programs Benefit Montana Students and Teachers

September 2009: Farm-to-School Successes Grow Strong Across Montana

August 2009: Breastfeeding: Best for Baby, Best for Mom, Best for the Planet

July 2009: Active Staycations: Cool Ways to Enjoy Healthy Montana Fun

June 2009: Montana Trails Create Greener, Healthier Communities

May 2009: Billings Schools Get into Green Routines with Smart Recycling Habits

April 2009: Gardening in Big Sky Country: From Backyards to Community Supported Agriculture

March 2009: Helping Children Learn to Care About Their Environment

February 2009: Eco-Nomical Solutions: Save Money, Stay Healthy, Reduce Waste

January 2009: Resolutions for Healthy Families in a Healthy Montana


December 2008: Made Healthy in Montana: Tasty Food Gifts from Big Sky Country

November 2008: Holidays with Diabetes: Maximizing Enjoyment, Minimizing Stress

October 2008: Montana Schools Celebrate Gold Medal Performances

September 2008: Back-to-Basics for Smart Nutrition and Fitness

August 2008: Back-to-School: Fit, Healthy, and Ready to Succeed

July 2008: Summer Hikes for Lots of Fun (and Serious Fitness Too)

June 2008: Why Real Men Drink More Milk

May 2008: Happy, Healthy Days for Montana Mothers

April 2008: Balanced Evening Meals for Happy, Healthy Families

March 2008: Go Lean and Green for National Nutrition Month

February 2008: Breakfast Makeover Offers Major Benefits

January 2008: Live Better in 2008: Eat Smart, Play Hard, Rest Well


December: 2007: Enjoy Holiday Fitness Fun and Tasty Holiday Nutrition

November: 2007: Learning About Traditional Games and Foods

            Traditional Foods Recipes

October: 2007: Support Smart Nutrition and Fitness at School

September: 2007: Five Fun Ways to Fall into Fitness

August: 2007: Five Fun Ways to Actively Support Local Agriculture

July: 2007: Five Easy Ways to Help Children Enjoy Nature and Pack a Perfect Outdoor Picnic

June: 2007: Healthy Summer Fun for Happy Kids

May: 2007: Moving Away From Diets

April: 2007: Smart Family Moves: Less TV, More Meals Together

Card Instructions for Screen Free Tips and Conversation Starters

Screen Free Tips
  Screen-Free Ideas ERM-1
  Screen-Free Ideas ERM-2
  Screen-Free Ideas ERM-3
  Screen-Free Ideas ERM-4

Conversation Starters Younger Children (1 through 4)
  Conversation Cards Younger 1
  Conversation Cards Younger 2
  Conversation Cards Younger 3
  Conversation Cards Younger 4

Conversation Starters Older Children (Older than 4)
  Conversation Cards Older 1
  Conversation Cards Older 2
  Conversation Cards Older 3
  Conversation Cards Older 4

March: 2007: Real Life Weight Management - 100% Fad Free

February: 2007: Five Ways to Enjoy Fitness and Key Nutrients

January: 2007: Eating Together and Playing Together


December: 2006: Holiday Activity and Local Food Gift Ideas

November: 2006: Local Food Banks & Activity During Winter

October: 2006: Gathering Wild Food and Photography

September: 2006: Back to School and Hunting

August: 2006: Whole Grains and Activity With Kids
Healthy Families

July: 2006: Hiking & Farmers Markets

June: 2006: Fishing & Eating Out

May: 2006: Cycling & Gardening 

April: 2006: Local Lean Meats & Walking Locally

March: 2006: Organic Foods & Staying Active 

January: 2006: Eat Local, Play Local, Live Healthy



December 2005: Simple Steps for a Healthy Holiday Season 

October 2005: Simple Steps for Better Bone Health

September 2005: Grains...for a Healthier YOU!

August 2005: Nuts, Seeds and Beans...for a Healthier YOU!

July 2005: Vegetables...for a Healthier YOU!

June 2005: Fruits...for a Healthier YOU!

May 2005: The "New Pyramid"...for a Healthier YOU!

April 2005: Reading Food Labels...for a Healthier YOU!

March 2005: Simple Guidelines for a Healthier YOU!